The Wuhu Island Civil War was an armed conflict between North Wuhu, controled by Matt and Mattist Party of Wuhu Island, and South Wuhu, controled by Wuhu Guest B and The Revolutionairy Party of Wuhu Island. It is believed that because the Civil War weakened Wuhu Island, it made the 2003 Lorocia Attacks, and later the Attacks of 2016 possible.

Causes of the WarEdit

After the end of World War 2, famine and poverty struck Wuhu Island due to constant air strikes by Imperial Japan, Matt, the current president of Wuhu Island at the time, made economic changes to


A Japanese bomber prepares to make its assault on Wuhu Island. Circa 1947

help the economy, like introducing a new currency (New Wuhu Island Dollar) and creating a Centillion dollar bill, however, this only made matters worse. This caused hyperinflation which made the prices double every second.

Other countries refused to help Wuhu Island due to controversy caused by the current method of execution at the time, swordplay, which resulted in the botched execution of Ryan in which he lost all his limbs and was disemboweled but didn't die until 10 minutes later, when Matt decapitated him.

Unhappy with this, Guest B and his followers decided it was time for change, they created the Revoulutionairy Party of Wuhu Island, a fascist party which claimed to "want make the island a much better place" by "reducing class in equality" and "severly limiting the control of the state over the people", but in reality wanted to make Wuhu Island a totalitarian state in which a strict a strict social class structure would be placed in order to avoid chaos.

In the elections of november 1945 , Matt won by 80%, which half of the island consireded fraudulent which caused the November Revolution,  in which the island was divided in half.

Course of the warEdit

After the November Revolution, the Island was chaotic, as both sides of the island were totalitarian, the only difference was that the mattist side wanted to stop the war as soon as possible and go back to a democratic country, while the revolutionairy one wanted the island to stay like this.

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