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An Overview of Wedge Island

Wedge Island is a small fictional island that features in the game Wii Sports Resort. The island is based around golf and all the golf events take place on it. It is a neighbouring Wuhu Island (Wii Sports Resort's main island.) There is a land bridge which is not seen in Wii Sports Resort that leads to Wuhu Island, which is the main island in Wii Sports.


Below is a list a notable locations on the island:

  • Golf Course A
  • Golf Course B
  • Golf Course C
  • Wedge Harbour- The place where boats arive at the island.
  • Crab Rock


  • The island features 6 "i Points" which are collected during the games "Flyover" mode.
  • The island is connected to Wuhu Island by under water wires.
  • This island is the farthest one from the main island of the archipelago, which in the Island Flyover game, both the day/night airport & evening airport trips to the island take at least 2-3 minutes of flying.
  • It is connected by a land bridge to Vahu Island (as said above)
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