The Sea Caddy or The Albatross Express Liner in the UK Version, is a ferry service in Wii Sports Resort only. This large cruiser vessel makes a beeline past the Daytime starting point, following a path between Wuhu and Wedge islands. It leaves from the southeast side of Wuhu island. After you unlock the balloon popping ability it will trail a large clump of balloons. The i Point hovers above the vessel.

Information Point DescriptionEdit

Daytime US: "This regular ferry service links Wuhu Island and Wedge Island."

Daytime UK: "A regular ferry service linking Wedge Island to Wuhu Island."

Evening: "If you're lucky, you might spot a whale on your way!"

Nighttime: "This is today's last return service from Wuhu Island to Wedge Island."

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