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The Red Iron Bridge

The Red Iron Bridge or the Red Gate Bridge, is a location on Wuhu Island which is the main setting for Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort. As the name suggests, it is built out of iron and is a crimson shade of red. It is located near Wuhu's harbour.

It is a famous land mark of the island and an "i point" is located on it which is obtainable in Flyover mode.

One of the cycling race courses requires the player to cycle along the bridge.

Information Point DescriptionEdit

Daytime: "This bridge linking to the hotel to the town is a famous Wuhu landmark."

Evening: "The evening sun is dazzling for cars heading into town."

Nighttime: "It's tempting to fly through it, but watch out for the cables!"

The Red Iron Bridge was closed for service (which failed as the city was driven into war), when after the Attacks of 2016 took place, (3 bombs at the Red Iron Bridge), the bridge was closed for good.

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