Miguel is a Mii character from Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort. He is a resident of Wuhu Island. He operates a flight based tour of the island from his guide plane. In the game's Island Flyover mode, the player can follow him to be led to several "I points" on the island.

Information Point DescriptionEdit

Daytime(Wii Sports Resort Only): *Needed*

Evening(Wii Sports Resort Only): *Needed*

Nighttime(Wii Sports Resort Only): *Needed*

Pilotwings Resort(Before i Point): "You can have my iRing if you follow me for 15 seconds!"

Pilotwings Resort(After i Point): "You got my iRing! See you around!"


  • In Flyover Mode in Wii Sports Resort, if the player follows Miguel's guide plane for 3 minutes, then the player unlocks one of the game's stamps
  • When the player has been following Miguel for three minutes the smoke coming out of his plane turns orange.
  • There is an "I point" above Miguel's plane. While in Pilotwings Resort it is behind him.
  • When the player presses 1 to fire a flare, Miguel will fire one in response.
  • It has been hinted at that Miguel was a pilot during WWII
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