Matt is a Mii from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party. He possesses power that is a billion times greater than the mere mortal Shaggy himself. He cannot be labelled as a divine being. He also can withstand


Matt, the Wuhu Island Executioner

the power of a million tactical nukes with his pinky, as well as being able to attack with 100x that power, in short, do not mess with Matt or the entire universe will end in 0.00000000000420 seconds at most. He is the current executioner and the Glorious Leader of Wuhu Island

In Wii Sports Resort, Matt acts as the referee in Speed Slice, and if you are playing against him, Ryan takes his spot. He is also a competitor in Basketball and he plays with Fritz and George but isn't good. He is also the Champion in Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice and is ruthless. In Swordplay Duel, Matt is equipped with a Purple Sword and you fight against him in the evening like Tommy. However, Matt uses a red sword and can be played against in the daytime after he is beaten like Champion Tommy. In Showdown mode, he is the boss of the final level. He will be ultimately defensive and strikes ultimately often, and almost never gives you a chance to hit him. He might also use up all your hearts. He is surrounded by 3-hearted fighters like Eduardo, Mike, Chris, and George. It is best if you get to Matt with 3 hearts. He is not a Pro in Table Tennis, but he is still good. His skill is 776+. He is bad at Cycling, coming 77th out of 98.

*Disregard this, the person who made this false assumption of Matt's powers was executed the next day by Matt himself. Remember, Matt is more than GOD.

Matt's holy power is so much that his finger tapping causes earthquakes at 99999999999999 magnitude, his breathing causes hurricanes more than 10x the power of hurricane Katrina and typhoons Haiyan combined, his sweating floods cities faster than both of those hurricanes, his nutting provides snowstorms that could even give Russians frostbite, Thanos was his slave before he escaped, it wasn't the avengers that kind killed him, it was Matt who lightly tapped him, his top slave was Shaggy, he escaped too, who to this day, still trains to beat him, which is never. God is also his right hand man, Matt also has all 6 infinity stones, and used the reality stone to remove Mexico after illegally selling Smash Ultimate, a game he was supposed to obliterate without question.

Life Edit

Matt is the incestuous love child of the interdimensional being, Mike "Bite-Your-Ear-Off" Tyson Sr., and Venus, the planet, not the goddess. Born on 06-09-1XXX, no one knows how the conception of Matt occurred, as it was never documented. Theories have circulated suggesting that the mere sexual interactions between Mike and Venus, the planet, caused Matt to spontaneously appear. Soon after, Mike "Bite-Your-Ear-Off" Tyson Sr. was the leader of the Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party, however, he was soon kicked out by Adolf Hitler when they found that he was not of Aryan blood. This event partly makes up Matt's motivation for assassinating Hitler. Mike then was forced to flee Nazi Germany to Argentina, where he was supposed to have lived out the rest of his life in peace. 

However, when Matt was a child, his then physically disabled father, the late Mike "Bite-Your-Ear-Off" Tyson Sr., was completely obliterated by Shigeru Miyamoto via forced circumcision. This forced Matt into seeking revenge against Miyamoto, so he joined the armed forces at 7 years old and was trained. He was later deployed to Vietnam during the Vietnam War. At 12 years of age, he received a medal of valor for saving soldiers by piloting a helicopter through a lightning storm, while he had his left arm in a sling (flamethrower incident). By the time the war had finished, he was so well trained that he could paralyze someone only using his eyebrows. 

He then became a boxer and boxed so well that he became a champion worldwide. Matt became practically invincible and defeated anyone who challenged him. Muhammad Ali was said to have slept with a night-light on because whenever the lights were off, he thought he could see Matt’s silhouette. Matt is known to have killed many notable leaders, such as Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler and Ellen DeGeneres. He was seen seconds before Michael Jackson died. 

After serving in Vietnam, Matt strove to write about his experiences and struggles during combat in Vietnam. Writing an eleven page self-dedicated memoir, he decided to turn it into a song, first by just fooling around in GarageBand before things got serious. After mastering rapping, freestyle, and beat making, he dropped his first album Flashback, featuring the hit singles such as Chopper, Shigeru, Napalm, and Tree Shout, it was immediately a smash hit on Wuhu Island and the rest of the world, selling an average of 7 Billion copies a day and counting, with his massive success, he used the money to donate to charity, but also used the funds to build himself a Luxury Mansion in the Wuhu Hills, but with great success came great power, suddenly, Matt began training harder than One Puncc Man, which led to him becoming a more than Godlike being, with his global praise, his religion, Mattism, began spreading quickly, with his newfound power, he collected the Infinity Stones and kept them safe in the Wuhu Volcano, eventually, he went as far as to begin universal enslavement, which lead to his reign of terror, may another divine being help us glorious reign as true leader.

*Note: Matt has not yet taken his revenge on Shigeru Miyamoto (02-22-2020).

Enemies Edit

Guest B

Shigeru Miyamoto


At this point in time, no one is able to ascertain Matt's power level, let alone his true abilities.

Achievements Edit

  1. Medal of valor (saving his squad in Vietnam)
  2. The fastest man ever (recorded running at 10000 KM/H during his fight with shaggy)
  3. Strongest Person Ever: lifted Russia with his thumb
  4. Executioner of the year: since 1945 when he killed Hitler 
  5. Best selling album: Flashback (80 copies sold per hour on average; actual number unknown)
  6. Wuhu Island Boxing champion: since 1975
  7. Smartest person ever: graduated university at a year old, scored 1000 I.Q. on all his intelligence tests
  8. oldest person ever: born 3 years before the Big Bang
  9.  Wuhu Island Tennis champion: 2006,2009,2013
  10. Super bowl: I to LIII
  11. Nobel Price (for inventing everything we know)
  12. Fastest recorded prison escape: 12 seconds from Alcatraz
  13. Wuhu Island Mayor: since 1945 
  14. Killed XXXTentacion and JuiceWrld 
  15. Taught Kim Jung-Un how to drive 
  16. Father to JuiceWrld, and taught him how to have an epileptic fit 
  17. Matt fucked the dogs 
  18. Matt hates Raymond 
  19. Removed the entirety of Mexico from universe with Reality stone 
  20. Can speak all languages including three that only he speaks 
  21. Main reason Germany lost WWII 
  22. Bowls overhand in Wii Sports 
  23. More than 13% of the world's population is an offspring of Matt because he’s a playa. 
  24. He once found the Fountain of Youth, but didn’t drink from it because he wasn’t thirsty. 
  25. Homeless people give him money. 
  26. Matt’s beard is said to have experienced more than most men do in their entire life. 
  27. Once played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun...and won. 
  28. Won the Lifetime Achievement Award...twice. 
  29. Once received a standing ovation at a funeral. 
  30. His charm is so contagious, vaccines were created for it 
  31. Wuhu Island's don- even the FBI are quaking 
  32. He has a youtube channel with 66,666,666 subscribers 
  33. Matt's jawline is so sharp, it killed Hitler. 
  34. Matt has founded a religious movement, Mattism, which currently has 666,666,666 Mattians 
  35. It is believed Love Island begged Matt to be a contestant, but he refused, because all the other contestants, men and women alike insisted on being coupled up with him. 
  36. Won The WWE World Heavyweight 4 times.
  37. Survived being dropped from the top of a hell in a cell match by Guest B and won
  38. Managed to lead Wuhu Island from being the least developed country to becoming the first country to be considered "completely developed". 
  39. Won a war against Haiti with a spoon and bar of soap.
  40. He's colonised nearly all islands on the Pacific, invaded Nauru by himself.
  41. Was responsible for Kobe Bryant's death.
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