Canoeing is one of the twelve sports which feature in Wii Sports Resort. The event is held on the fictional Duckling Lake.


In canoeing, the player holds the remote vertically and moves it down to either side in a rowing motion as if it was an oar. The player has to alternate between left and right strokes to go in a straight line and only in one direction if the player wishes to turn, similar to that of a real boat. E.g: Several strokes to the right will make the player turn left. A single player can do a speed run in which the player has to travel certain distances in a certain amount of time or, up to three players can compete in a checkpoint-based race. The player can also choose to practice and rome freely around Duckling Lake aswell as collecting ten stray ducklings and leading them back to their mother in order to achive one of the game's Stamps.

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