• Cj lol deedeet

    so somebody deleted a mass of articles (like 40 or 50) about the different CPU Miis. it is sad that nobody will be able to revive them. Rest in Peace: cole, chad, asaka, miyu, midori, tatsuaki, soki, sota, gabi, gabriele, fritz, sandra, sara, arika, naomi, anna, mason, victor, yoshi, chris, ren, rin, pierre, theo, suzuki, cameron, ai, alex, takomi, james, casper, abby, akira, ian, and emily.

    dear @nintendan, please revive the pages lost today.

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  • Nintendan


    December 27, 2010 by Nintendan

    Hi, This is my first blog post on Wikia. I hope you are all enjoying my new wiki. Just so you know, many pages are yet to be created so there is alot more on the way. I am hoping to get lots of pages on this wiki in order for it to go into allot of detail. Please support this wiki by spreading the name: Wuhupedia - The Wii Sports Wiki.

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